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How often should my horse have physiotherapy?

This is unique to each individual case. For horses experiencing small amounts of muscle tightness, spasms and restrictions it may be advised that they won’t need any follow-up treatments until 5-6 months time (unless you notice any changes in performance and feel your horse would benefit from another treatment before this time). In other cases where they experience higher levels of tension and restrictions, it may be beneficial for follow-up treatments every 4-8 weeks initially, to help reduce these levels of tension redeveloping.

There’s nothing wrong with my horse, is there any point in them having physiotherapy?

Yes! Even if there’s nothing obviously ‘wrong’ with your horse, maintenance treatments can help prevent injury by identifying any areas of weakness or tension. Keeping on top of these slight imbalances can help keep your horse performing at its maximum level.

Can physiotherapy help my horse with arthritis?

Yes! Physiotherapy treatments can help maintain range of motion and slow degeneration of the affected joints. A holistic approach is undertaken for each treatment so any areas throughout the rest of the body that may be compensating for the arthritic changes can be identified and treated. Electrotherapies can also be implemented into treatment which can further improve the comfort levels of those who have developed arthritis.

Would my Happy Hacker horse benefit from physiotherapy?

Yes! Physiotherapy isn’t just for the elite athletes. Happy hackers will also inevitably develop some muscle tightness and areas of restricted movement. It’s a good idea to keep on top of maintenance treatments for these horses too to keep them comfortable.

How long does a physiotherapy treatment take?

Treatment times vary depending on the individual. The initial assessment and treatment typically takes between 60-90 minutes. Follow-up appointments take between 45-60 minutes.