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Physiotherapy Explained

What is physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is beneficial for all horses no matter what age, size or breed they are.

By using a variety of manual techniques alongside complementary electrotherapies and physiotherapeutic exercises, the aim of each treatment is to assist the body’s natural processes to improve mobility, restore normal function, reduce pain and reduce the risk of injury.

A holistic approach is undertaken during each physiotherapy session to treat not only the main areas of concern, but also identify any compensatory issues throughout the body.

The most common reasons for physiotherapy are:
• Enhancement and maintenance of performance levels through the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions
• Post-op rehabilitation for orthopaedic or neurological conditions
• Enhancement of quality of life for animals with long-term chronic issues, aiming to slow degeneration and treat compensatory issues associated with their condition.

Conditions that benefit from physiotherapy

• Injuries – both open and closed wounds
• Bone fractures
• Tendon and ligament conditions e.g. tendonitis, contracted tendons, tendon rupture, PSD
• Sacroiliac injury
• Post-surgery
• Neurological problems
• Arthritis/DJD
• Postural imbalance
• Muscular asymmetries
• Muscle weakness and atrophy
• Muscle strain
• Muscle spasm, tightness and pain
• Navicular disease

Benefits of physiotherapy

• Reduces tension in muscles
• Reduces pain from muscle spasms
• Increases flexibility and suppleness
• Improves joint range of motion
• Reduces swelling and inflammation
• Breaks down adhesions and softens scar tissue increasing range of motion
• Aids the body’s natural healing process
• Reduces the risk of injury

What to expect when you book an appointment

Each treatment is unique to the individual horse so treatment times vary between 45-90 minutes.

• A full history of your horse will be discussed prior to treatment to identify factors such as workload, stable management, previous injuries, medications, temperament etc. This allows me to get a detailed picture of the horses life to take into consideration during assessment and treatment.

• Static and dynamic observations. The horse will be assessed both when standing and during a walk and trot up. It may be necessary to also see your horse on the lunge.

• A variety of manual techniques (massage/mobilisations/fascial release/stretches) are used throughout treatment. If appropriate for your horse, electrotherapies may be implemented into treatment to complement the benefits achieved from the manual therapies. A holistic approach is undertaken during each physiotherapy treatment to treat no only the main areas of concern but also identify and treat any compensatory issues.

• I will discuss some physiotherapeutic exercises with you that would be beneficial for you to carry out with your horse after treatment. These exercises will target specific factors identified during treatment such as muscle weakness and imbalances, coordination and proprioception, flexibility and suppleness and postural imbalances.

• A full report will be sent to you via e-mail after your session with information on what was found during treatment and further details on the recommended exercises that will help your horse achieve the specific aims discussed after treatment.

Depending on the treatment applied, it may be recommended that your horse has the day off after their physiotherapy treatment.

Veterinary Consent

Please note that according to the Veterinary Surgery Exemptions Order (1962) you must obtain consent from your vet prior to any physiotherapy treatment. This is a legal requirement therefore if vet consent has not been obtained prior to your booking your horse will not be able to receive any physiotherapy treatment.

There are 2 forms available to download. Please complete these forms prior to your first booking. If you are unable to print these at home I will bring some copies for you to fill out on the day.
(Medical declaration form) (Client info form)